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!mindparade live in Bloomington.jpg
!mindparade performing live in Bloomington, IN 2012
Background information
Origin Bloomington, IN
Genres Indie, Neo-psychedelia, Art Rock, Psych Rock, Baroque Pop, Experimental
Years active 2011–present
Labels Independent

!mindparade is a psych pop band formed in Bloomington, Indiana in 2011. Led by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Alex Arnold, the band features a dynamic cast of musicians to form a live iteration of the project, often utilizing diverse textures such as brass hits, driving guitars, string arrangements, and glitchy electronics.[1]


Originally Arnold's bedroom recording project, !mindparade officially began with the online release of the 5-song ‘Everything EP’ in Summer of 2011. Since then, many lineups of the group have performed under the moniker, Arnold as the only constant member. The band has been called 'an ambitious bedroom symphony' due to the array of instrumentation they employ. In 2012, !mindparade released their debut LP, Everything Is Happening.[2]

Everything Is Happening[edit]

!mindparade self-released their Everything Is Happening LP in September 2012. New York based painter, Zak Roz, provided the album's artwork. The album explores themes such as existentialism and techno-utopianism, and includes lo-fi and hi-fi production as well as rock, orchestral and electronic textures. It was recorded mixed in various living rooms and bedrooms in Bloomington, Indiana on Arnold's computer.[2]


  • Everything EP (2011)
  • Everything is Happening (2012)


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