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The Historical Museum Vidin, sometimes shortened to "Konaka"-Museum (Bulgarian: Музей "Конака"), is located in a former Ottoman konak in Vidin, Bulgaria, and was founded in 1956. It is one of the cultural memorials of the region.


The 18th century building of the "Konaka"-Museum

Originally the 18th-century building was used as the Home by Osman Pazvantoğlu and later as police office, and the central tower was a lighthouse. After liberation the building was reconstructed and enriched with elements from Bulgarian Renaissance architecture. In 1956, the building was used for a historical weapon show.[1]


  • Archaeology (departments Prehistory, Classical Antiquity and Middle Ages), located in Konaka
  • Numismatics
  • Ethnography, located in the Krastata Kazarma (cross barracks)
  • Bulgarian Lands 15th-19th centuries, located in Konaka
  • Modern History
  • Recent History
  • Public Relations

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Coordinates: 43°59′20″N 22°52′30″E / 43.98889°N 22.87500°E / 43.98889; 22.87500