Telephone numbers in Sudan

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Sudan telephone numbers
Country Sudan
Continent Africa
Access codes
Country calling code +249
International call prefix 00
Trunk prefix 0

Calling formats[edit]

To call in Sudan, the following format is used:

  • 0tp axx xxxx - calls within Sudan
  • +249 tp axx xxxx - calls from outside Sudan
  • t is the Service Type Identifier (1 for fixed lines, 9 for mobile),
  • p is the Service Provider Identifier, and
  • a is the Area Code.
For fixed lines: a is 3: Khartoum; 5: Khartoum North; 6: Khartoum Rural; 7: Omdurman[1]

Company codes[edit]

Allocations in Sudan[2]
Service type Company Prefix
Fixed line Sudatel 12
Kanartel 15
* 18
MTN Sudan 92, 99
Network of the World Ltd (NOW) 95
Zain Sudan 96, 91, 90
* 18 is mentioned within the contact number,[3] but not in the table. It is possible that code 18 became 12 at some point, though there is speculation that 12 is simply a new number range.