¡Anita, no Te Rajes!

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Anita, no te rajes
Created by Valentina Parraga
Developed by Telemundo Studios, Miami
Directed by Danny Gavidia
Starring Ivonne Montero
Jorge Enrique Abello
Natalia Streignard
Marcelo Cezán
Theme music composer Juan Carlos Rodriguez
Opening theme Anita, no te rajes performed by Bacha
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 139
Producer(s) David Posada
Editor(s) Sebastian Jimenez
Location(s) Miami, Florida, Los Angeles, California
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 42-45 minutes
Original channel Telemundo
Picture format SDTV 480i
Audio format Stereophonic sound
Original release September 13, 2004 – April 4, 2005
Preceded by Pasión De Gavilanes
Followed by Amarte así

Anita, no te rajes (Anita, Don't Give Up!) is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the American-based television network Telemundo. It stars Ivonne Montero, Jorge Enrique Abello and Natalia Streignard. Written by Valentina Parraga,[1] directed by David Posada and Danny Gaviria; with Martha Godoy and Mary-Kathryn Kennedy as General Producer and Aurelio Valcarcel Carrol as Executive Producer.This telenovela was aired in 10 countries around the world.

Although the novela was set in Los Angeles, Telemundo filmed the serial in Miami, Fl. Through [sometimes not so] careful editing it was made to appear as Los Angeles. The network debuted it on September 13, 2004 to April 4, 2005 at the 7 pm (6 pm central) timeslot. Telemundo added English subtitles as closed captions on CC3.


¡Anita, no te rajes! is a funny story which tells the adventures of Anita, a positive and happy young Mexican girl who never gave up on everything, following her deceased mother's quote: "Las Guerrero no se rajan" (The Guerreros never give up). Anita decides to come to the US without her documents in order to find her aunt, Consuelo Guerrero, the only surviving member of her family.

Consuelo married an important contractor of Irish origins and she is heiress to a huge fortune.


  • Ivonne Montero as Ana 'Anita' Guerrero - main heroine, daughter of Graciela, in love with Eduardo.
  • Jorge Enrique Abello as Luis Eduardo Contreras - main hero, in love with Anita, spouse of Ariana, son of Emiliano
  • Natalia Streignard as Ariana Dupont Aristizábal - main female villain, wife of Eduardo, hates Anita.
  • Marcelo Cezán as David Aristizábal - cousin of Anita, in love with Anita and then with Lucecita.
  • Elluz Peraza as Consuelo Guerrero / Graciela O'Donnell - mother of Anita and Billy, stepmother of Maggie
  • Eduardo Serrano as Emiliano Contreras - father of Eduardo, in love with Graciela.
  • Isabel Moreno as Cachita Moret - grandmother of Lucecita, ex-friend of Amanda.
  • Jeannette Lehr as Carlota Aristizábal de Dupont - mother of Ariana, villain, then she goes crazy.
  • Martha Picanes as Amanda Aristizábal - grandmother of Anita and David, aunt of Ariana, villain, then hero.
  • Roberto Moll as Abelardo Reyes - father of David, in love with Dulce.
  • Laura Termini as Maggie O`Donnell - daughter of Tom, hates Anita, half sister of Billy.
  • Christian Tapán as Padre Francisco - friend of Eduardo.
  • Giovan Ramos as Ramiro Albornoz - villain, father of the child of Ariana, killed by Ariana.
  • Alexa Kuve as Dulce Maria Contreras - sister of Eduardo, in love with Abelardo.
  • Millie Ruperto as Ambar Barros - mother of Angie, in love with Memo.
  • Andrea Loreto as Angie Barros - daughter of Ambar.
  • Ruben Camelo as Roque Izquierdo - father of Guadalupe and husband of Nati Izquierdo.
  • Jana Martinez as Nati Izquierdo - mother of Guadalupe and wife of Roque Izquierdo.
  • Kenia Gazcon as Guadalupe Izquierdo - daughter of Nati and Roque, in love with Chucho.
  • Yadira Santana as Mercedes - maid of family Contreras.
  • Michelle Manterola as Lucecita - best friend of Anita, granddaughter of Cachita, in love with David.
  • Yaxkin Santalucia as El Chucho - in love with Guadalupe.
  • Sabas Malaver as Memo Valiente - in love with Ambar.
  • Jorge Alberti as El Fresa.
  • Gabriel Parisi as Billy O`Donnell - son of Tom and Graciela.
  • Daniel Fabius as Tom O`Donnell - spouse of Graciela, dies in a car accident.


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