¿A quién le importa?

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"¿A quién le importa?"
Single by Alaska y Dinarama
from the album No Es Pecado
B-side "Bote de Colón (Techno Chochi' Mix)"
Released March 1986
Recorded 1986
Length 3:48
Label EMI Music
  • Carlos García Berlanga
  • Ignacio Canut
Producer(s) Nick Patrick
Alaska y Dinarama singles chronology
"Un hombre de verdad"
"¿A Quién le Importa?"
"La funcionaria asesina"
"¿A quién le importa?"
Single by Thalía
from the album Thalía
B-side "You Spin Me 'Round (Like a Record)"
Released December 2002
Format CD single, 12" single
Recorded 2002
Genre Latin pop
Length 3:45
Label EMI Latin
Writer(s) G. Berlanga
I. Canut
Producer(s) Estéfano
Thalía singles chronology
"No Me Enseñaste"
"¿A Quién le Importa?"
"Dance Dance (The Mexican)"
"¿A quién le importa?"
Single by Fangoria
from the album El paso trascendental del Vodevil a la Astracanada
Released 2011
Format Digital download
Recorded March 8, 2011
Genre Electropop
Length 4:07
Label Warner Music
  • Carlos Berlanga
  • Ignacio Canut
Producer(s) Carlos Jean
Fangoria singles chronology
"Ni Tú ni Nadie"
"¿A Quién le Importa?"

"¿A quién le importa?" (English: literally, "To whom does it matter?"; idiomatically, "Who cares?") is a successful single released from the Spanish pop rock band Alaska y Dinarama's 1986 No es pecado album. In 2002 Latin Mexican pop singer Thalia engendered a very successful cover and hit single of the song in her 2002 self-titled studio album, which was released as the second single in Europe and third single in America. Alaska (now part of Fangoria along with Nacho Canut, her bandmate from Dinarama) re-sang the song in 2010. Fangoria released the single in 2011, as well as the newly engendered music video. This time the famous song returns in an electronic version, composed by its original musicians. The song was featured in the "Astracanada" disc of the album. Other people known to sing this song are Pink Punk and Christina Rapado.

Information about the song[edit]

The song was originally written and produced by Carlos Berlanga and Nacho Canut. Alaska y Dinarama's version of the song was later recognized as a gay anthem by the Spanish language-speaking LGBT community, even though it did not allude to it at all. Alaska (the original singer) nowadays is a star in the Spanish media.

The song describes a person who is criticized for being different. The question and title lyric "Who cares?" is repeated throughout the song indicating that criticism does not affect her and she will stay the way she is. The chorus of the song asks (translated from the Spanish): "Who cares what I do? / Who cares what I say? / I am the way I am. I'll keep on being that. / I will never change."

Music video[edit]

"Alaska y Dinarama's Music Video"

The music video was filmed in 1986 on TVE's soundstages for Alaska's programme La Bola de Cristal. The music video depicts Alaska with her "Rastafari Punk" look, as she sings at the center of an energetic crowd (whom seem to get motivated by her and support her). In this video Alaska is wearing a silver fringe jacket. Her makeup is green. Her hair is shaved from the sides and is grabbed into a high pony tail with dreadlocks. This style later inspired Thalia to dress up almost identically to her during her trip to Argentina. This video was first aired in Spain in 1986.

"Thalia's Music Video"

The music video for the song was directed by Jeb Brien and shot in Manhattan, New York City, in the "Frying Pan" ship. In the video, Thalía has a punk look, and performs her song in a gay club. Miri Ben-Ari, who plays the violin in the song, also makes a cameo in the video. The video was first aired in the fall of 2002.

"Fangoria's Music Video"

Fangoria's was shot at Benidorm, Spain. The video is basically a theater play, starring Alaska using 5 different sets of clothing. A group compose of 28 energetic people dancing in the "play." This video is a tribute to the end of the year TV programs[1]

Track listing[edit]

"Alaska y Dinarama Spanish Single"

  1. ¿A quién le importa ?
  2. ¿A quién le importa? (Club mix)

Track listings[edit]


Mexican & U.S. CD single

  1. "¿A Quién le Importa?" [Album Version] – 3:44
  2. "¿A Quién le Importa?" [Hex Hector/Mac Quayle Radio Vocal Mix] – 3:58
  3. "¿A Quién le Importa?" [Hex Hector/Mac Quayle Club Vocal Mix] – 7:14
  4. "You Spin Me 'Round (Like a Record)" – 3:56

Promo CD Single

  1. "¿A Quién le Importa?" [Album Version]
  2. "¿A Quién le Importa?" [Hex Hector/Mac Quayle Radio Vocal Mix] – 3:58
  3. "¿A Quién le Importa?" [Hex Hector/Mac Quayle Club Vocal Mix] – 7:14

European Single

  1. "¿A Quién le Importa?" [Hex Hector/Mac Quayle Club Vocal Mix] - 7:14

U.S. 12" vinyl single

  1. "¿A Quién le Importa?" [Hex Hector/Mac Quayle Club Vocal Mix] – 7:14
  2. "¿A Quién le Importa?" [Hex Hector/Mac Quayle Radio Vocal Mix] – 3:58


  1. "You Spin Me 'Round (Like a Record)" – 3:56
  2. "¿A Quién le Importa?" [Album Version] – 3:44


Chart (2003) Peak
US Hot Latin Songs (Billboard)[2] 9
US Latin Pop Songs (Billboard)[3] 6