École secondaire Jules-Verne

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École secondaire Jules-Verne
5445 Baillie Street
Vancouver, British Columbia, V5Z 3M6, Canada
School board School District 93 Conseil scolaire francophone
Principal Mr. Claude Martin
Vice principal Mr. Yvan Duguay
School type Secondary School
Grades 7-12
Language French
Mascot Albatross
Team name Albatros de Jules-Verne (Jules-Verne Albatross)
Colours Grey and Gold         
Founded September 2009
Enrollment 244 (September 2012)
Homepage http://julesverne.csf.bc.ca/

École secondaire Jules-Verne is a public francophone secondary school located in the Oakridge neighbourhood of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Named after the French author, it is part of School District 93 (Conseil scolaire francophone). The school is one of the many that provide the IB Diploma Program.


Originally, students and staff of the school used to attend Kitsilano Secondary School in a separate program, which was intended to have all of its subjects taught in French. Despite the program's effort to provide all of its courses in French, many of the courses offered to students in grades 11 and 12 were done so strictly in English. Unlike the teachers of the regular Kitsilano academic program, the Francophone teachers were not given their own classrooms; they had to borrow them and needed to move teaching materials from one class to another.

As a result, the staff and the parents of the students felt that it was necessary for Kitsilano's Francophone students to get an all French education in a separate school. The construction of École Secondaire Jules-Verne began in Spring 2007, and students were able to attend the school on September 8, 2008 of the following year. However, the construction of the school was not completed until the end of March 2009 and the school was officially open on April 4, 2009.

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