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Capa Epoca low res 2008 06 16.jpg
The June 16, 2008 cover of
Época magazine
Editorial Director Paulo Nogueira
Categories News
Frequency weekly
Publisher Editora Globo
Total circulation 420,000
First issue 1998; 16 years ago (1998)
Country Brazil
Language Portuguese

Época (ISSN 1415-5494) is a Brazilian weekly news and analysis magazine. Since its inception in 1998, it has become one of the country's most widely read magazines. It is published by Editora Globo, part of the Rede Globo media conglomerate.

According to Brazil's ANER (National Association of Magazine Publishers), Época has an average circulation of about 420,000.

Época′s style is based on the German magazine Focus, emphasizing the use of images and graphics, and even their logos share some similarities.

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