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Ñejo & Dálmata, also known as Ñejo y Dálmata, are a reggaeton duo from Ponce, Puerto Rico. Ñejo was born June 20, 1975 & Dálmata was born February 29, 1980. They had worked together in collaborations with other reggaeton artists before they released their album Broke & Famous in 2007. Some of Ñejo's and some of Dálmata's songs reached the Billboard 200 in 2006 and 2007.

Ñejo has been involved with reggaeton since the production of DJ Joe 5 was released. They started working as a duo on Fatal Fantasy 2.

Ponce decided to independent artists and work on their own, that it was a bit obvious to hear the latest songs from the artists who did not mention Flow music. The Makinaria, Nelflow or Perreke, and that since their subjects were not produced by the DJ's of The Makinaria and that their productions were done by a DJ called DJ Elektrik. In March 2012 Ñejo & Dalmatian, which has long belonged to one of the largest companies around the urban genre "Flow Music" (company to which they belong J Alvarez and colleagues Lui-G 21 Plus) ceased to be part of that and now belong to EL Bunker Productions.

Also in 2006, appeared alone in Dalmata Naldos, Sangre Nueva Special Edition. He also appeared in La Kalle, with the song Hot. Dalmatian takes his talent for melody even more personally to the creation of his songs and then have someone put the batteries and other effects that go with the beat. Dalmatian is offered to appear in productions such as El Jedays, One Team Music Da Hitmakers, Mundo Demente, and more important to him, he is working on his solo album.


Studio Albums[edit]


Singles (including collaborations)[edit]

Ñejo singles/collaborations[edit]

Individuales Dálmata collaborations[edit]

  • el perro te azota ( ft dj joe) (2000)
  • "Hasta El Desmayo" (2002)
  • "Lento Muévete" (Feat. Plan B, Blade Pacino) (2002)
  • "Mueve esa Cola" (2003)
  • "Caliente" (2005)
  • "Nos Matamos" (2006)
  • "Deja Quitarte La Ropa" (2006)
  • "Just Like Sexo" (2007)
  • "Pasarela" (2007)
  • "Como Toda Una Señora" (2007)
  • "Mírala" (2007)
  • "Dímelo" (Remix) (Feat. Enrique Iglesias) (2007)
  • "Pa Encima" (2007)
  • "See You Mami" (2007)
  • "Miéntame" (2007)
  • "Mi Día De Suerte" (2007)
  • "Pasarela" (Remix) (Feat. Los Rabanes) (2007)
  • "Se Va, Se Va" (2007)
  • "Sexo En La Playa" (2007)
  • "Todo Tiene Su Final" (2007)
  • "Contigo Una Noche" (2008)
  • "Yo La Vi Bailando" (Feat. J Alvarez) (2008)
  • "Que Raro" (Remix) (Feat. J Alvarez) (2008)
  • "Para La Chica Que Le Gusta El Sexo" (Feat. Maicol) (2008)
  • "Eso Que Tienes Tú" (Feat. Gustavo Laureano) (2008)
  • "Salvaje" (2008)
  • "Cual Es Tu Miedo" (2009)
  • "Si Como Camina Cocina" (Feat. Naldo) (2009)
  • "Solo Tu" (Feat. Los De La Noche) (2010)
  • "Siguelo" (2010)
  • "Dile A Tu Amiga" (2011)
  • "Ni Loca" (Feat. Fanny Lú) (2011)
  • "Alcoholica" (2012)(Feat. DJ RAC el de los sonidos fantasticos)
  • "Solitaria" (Feat. Alkilados) (2012)
  • "Espina de Rosa" (Feat. Andy Rivera)(2013)
  • "Deseo Animal"(2014)
  • "Dulce carita" (Feat.Zion y Lennox (2014)
  • "La Cura" (Feat. Pasabordo (2015)

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