Ürümqi South Railway Station

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Ürümqinan Station
Ürümqi South Railway Station
Province Xinjiang
(See other stations in Xinjiang)
City Ürümqi
District Saybagh
Nanzhan Lu
Coordinates 43°46′49.9″N 87°35′4.8″E / 43.780528°N 87.584667°E / 43.780528; 87.584667
Pinyin Code Wulumuqi
Year opened 1962
Station statistics
Operator(s) Wulumuqi Railway Bureau,
Ministry of Railways of the People's Republic of China
Line(s) Lanxin railway,
Northern Xinjiang Railway
No. of platforms 3
Aiga bus inv.svg Major bus terminal(s) attached to the station

Ürümqi South Railway Station (simplified Chinese: 乌鲁木齐南站; traditional Chinese: 烏魯木齊南站; pinyin: Wūlǔmùqínán Zhàn) is a railway station of the Lanzhou-Xinjiang, Northern Xinjiang, and the Second Ürümqi-Jinghe Railways. The station located in Ürümqi, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, China. The name of the station was Ürümqi Railway Station before September 1, 2014. This name is now assigned to the newly built high-speed railway station of Lanzhou–Ürümqi High-Speed Railway.


The station was constructed in 1962.[1] On May 18, 2002 that station was demolished[2] to make way for construction of the current station which was opened on April 25, 2004.[3]

On 30th April 2014, a terrorist attack occurred at the station, which left three people dead and 79 injured.


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