Đuro Đaković

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For the factory in Slavonski Brod, see Đuro Đaković (factory).
Đuro Đaković
Djuro Djaković.jpg
Đuro Đaković
Born 1886
Died 1929
Birth house of Đuro Đaković near Slavonski Brod

Đuro Đaković (30 November 1886 in Slavonski Brod – 25 April 1929) was a Yugoslav communist and revolutionary.

He was one of the leaders of Communist Party of Yugoslavia under the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

He actively opposed the January 6 Dictatorship of King Alexander I. Due to this, he was arrested in Zagreb and executed on the Yugoslav border to Austria on April 25, 1929.

During the time between 1945 and 1990 a street in Zagreb, Workers' Road of Đuro Đaković (Radnička cesta Đure Đakovića). The name was changed to Radnička Road after the Croatian War of Independence. A street in Ljubljana was also named after him the Đaković Street (Slovene: 'Đakovićeva cesta'), but was renamed to the Litostroj Street (Litostrojska cesta) in 1993.[1]


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