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Birth name Ivan Ivanović
Born (1981-10-17)October 17, 1981
Belgrade, Serbia
Origin Belgrade, Serbia
Genres Hip hop, Turbo folk, House
Occupations Rapper, Singer
Years active 1996–present
Labels BK Records, City Records
Associated acts Full Moon, Prti Bee Gee, C-YA, Illa[disambiguation needed], Kid Pex, MC Monogamija, 93 FU Kru
Website www.93fukru.com

Ivan Ivanović (Serbian Cyrillic: Иван Ивановић; born October 17, 1981), better known by his stage name Juice (Serbian transliteration Đus), is a Serbian rapper and founding member of Full Moon Crew and 93 FU Crew. He is one of the major figures in the Serbian hip hop scene.

Early life[edit]

In the early 90s he started listening to domestic hip-hop. Soon, his eagerness to make his own songs made him go with a demo hip-hop group Boys in the Hood, which had eight members. They have released track Generacija Geta and had success with it on the radio hip-hop show Geto. After releasing another song titled No more Games, Juice leaves the band and forms Full Moon, which consisted Goran, Miša and Juice. Shorty joined the band later. After a while, Shorty and Juice were the only members left. After releasing a couple of songs, Juice hits Ponjke and Marko from Belgrade Posse and with their help a hit song Razmisli was played twice in a row on Geto. Razmisli was 4th place at 1995 charts.

Full Moon and Monteniggers met on a basketball tournament and Full Moon appeared on Monteniggers' video for Ducka Diesel. Shortly after their debut album in 1998, Juice and Shorty presented an underground hip-hop sound and reached an even larger crowd of fans. They also made a great success with the single Ja se vraćam u svoj Hram, which is considered first drum & bass song in Serbia at the time . After a tour through the whole Serbia, they accompanied Gru and they appeared together. 1999 was a break because of NATO bombing. Nine months after the Full Moon was back on stage for a successful concert at Dom Omladine and a new video for the song I kada Znam.

Solo career[edit]

He released his first solo album Hiphopium in 2002 on BK Sound. With the releasing of the album he made a rap collective called 93 FU Crew. Video for his hit song Keš Kolica was on top of Video Charts and had influence on future young rappers. Keš Kolica also became a slang phrase used by young people. Soon after that Juice will continue to honor his military service. After his return, he tries to find himself in another job, but because of poverty at the time, he ends on the streets with dealers, junkies, whores and murderers to concentrate on making lyrics for his next album.

Juice also made Redaljke in which he dissed other rappers from the scene, such as Gru, Bad Copy and Marchelo. After a while, Juice apologized to the members of Bad Copy.

His second solo album Brate Minli was released in 2006, while his third album Hiphopium 2 was released in 2008. Both albums were released on City Records.



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