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This article is about the place in Turkey. For the name, see İdil (name).
İdil is located in Turkey
Coordinates: 37°20′30″N 41°53′30″E / 37.34167°N 41.89167°E / 37.34167; 41.89167Coordinates: 37°20′30″N 41°53′30″E / 37.34167°N 41.89167°E / 37.34167; 41.89167
Country  Turkey
Province Şırnak
 • Mayor Mehmet Muhdi Aslan (BDP)
 • Kaymakam Adem Kaya
 • District 1,266.10 km2 (488.84 sq mi)
Population (2012)[2]
 • Urban 24,595
 • District 71,147
 • District density 56/km2 (150/sq mi)
Post code 733xx

İdil (Syriac: ܒܝܬ ܙܒܕܐ Beṯ Zabday or ܐܙܟ Āzaḵ, Kurdish: Hezex) is a district of Şırnak Province of Turkey. The predominant religion in the region is Islam, although it was once the home of many Arameans belonging to the Syriac Orthodox Church and who were speakers of the Syriac language, an Aramaic dialect. Idil, part of Tur Abdin, was one of the villages that fell victim to the Assyrian Genocide or Seyfo (literally "the sword" in Syriac) from 1915-1918 (the final years of the Ottoman Empire). After the genocide, many of Idil's (or Beth-Zabday's) surviving Assyrian population was involved in a diaspora; like many of the other Assyrians and Armenians; they too fled to parts of the Middle East, Cyprus, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Canada, and the United States. Kefshenne,Hedel,Esfes,Beth Ishoq,Miden,Beth sbirino, is one of its important villages.

Districts of Şırnak


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