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some serve it without soup

Zagorski Štruklji is a traditional Croatian dish served in most households across Hrvatsko Zagorje and Zagreb and is very popular. This unique dish, specific only to Hrvatsko Zagorje, is a regional variety of štruklji, an otherwise traditional Slovene dish.[1]

There are two types of štrukli: one is called kuhani štrukli meaning boiled štruklji, and the other is called pečeni štruklji meaning baked štruklji, collectively simply called štruklji.

Making Štruklji[edit]

The preparations are the same for both boiled and baked štrukli. Pastry is rolled out flat and very thin, to cover the table top. A mixture of cottage cheese with eggs, sour cream and salt is spread thinly all over the pastry. Then the pastry is rolled lengthways from both sides into two joined rolls, and finally cut into 10–20cm lengths.

For pečeni (baked) štrukli, the cut pieces are placed into a baking tray, generously covered in clotted cream, and baked for roughly 45 minutes, until slightly brown on top.

For kuhani (boiled) štrukli, water is boiled, and the štrukli pieces are placed into the pot. Onion and parsley are fried separately until slightly brown, and poured into the kuhani štrukli. The štrukli is then cooked for roughly 20 minutes.

The baked version of this dish is not unlike the traditional Serbian "Gibanica" pie, especially in taste and texture, although the shape can vary between the two.

Intangible Cultural Heritage[edit]

Text of the Resolution of the Ministry of Culture to establish the properties of the intangible cultural heritage, Class: Io-612-08/07-06/0330, Reg 532-04-02-02/1-07-2, Zagreb, 25 September 2007.

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