Águas de Lindóia

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Coordinates: 22°28′36″S 46°38′00″W / 22.47667°S 46.63333°W / -22.47667; -46.63333

Águas de Lindoia

Águas de Lindoia (Lindoia Waters) is a Brazilian city of the state of São Paulo. It is a tourist spot in part due to its hot springs, being part of the Circuito das Águas, also including the cities of Amparo, Jaguariúna, Lindoia, Monte Alegre, Pedreira, Serra Negra and Socorro.[1]


Before the 1900s, the location was only known by adventurers who crossed the woods searching for gold. Having contracted diseases during their journeys, these adventurers found the cure in the warm waters that flowed from the mountains. In 1909, the Italian doctor Francisco Tozzi learned from his father Henrique Tozzi about the medicinal properties of the Springs. Francisco lived in Serra Negra, and ended up buying the region auctioned by the government, making the property a public space.[2]

Leisure and Business[edit]

165 km from São Paulo City, Águas de Lindoia offers the hot springs, adventure sports, and agritourism. Its economy is based on tourism.[3]

The city's population is 17,266 inhabitants. There are 1.500 apartments and 25 hotels with the capacity to host 5.000 guests per day, allowing it to host several large Congresses and conventions per year, some nearing in size to 4,000 participants.[4]


Municipal Bath House
  • Balneário Municipal (Municipal Bath House)
  • Bosque Municipal Zequinha de Abreu (Zequinha de Abreu Municipal Park)
  • Capela Nossa Senhora das Graças (Chapel Nossa Senhora das Graças)
  • Circuito das Montanhas (Mountain Circuit)
  • Engenho do Barreiro (Barreiro Mill)
  • Morro do Cruzeiro (Cruzeiro Hill)
  • Morro Pelado (Pelado Hill)
  • Praça Adhemar de Barros (Adhemar de barros Square)
  • Represa Cavalinho Branco (Cavalinho Branco Dam)
  • Sítio Monte Alegre (Monte Alegre Ranch)


  • Grande Hotel do Lago
  • Grande Hotel Glória
  • Grande Hotel Mantovani
  • Grande Hotel Panorama
  • Hotel Casablanca
  • Hotel Fazenda Appaloopsa
  • Hotel Fazenda M1
  • Hotel Fazenda Minas Square
  • Hotel Fazenda Recanto Paraíso
  • Hotel Fazenda Saint Nicolas
  • Hotel Fredy
  • Hotel Guarany
  • Hotel Majestic
  • Hotel Monte Real Resort
  • Hotel Opala
  • Hotel Oscar Inn
  • Hotel Plazza
  • Hotel Pousada Recanto da Cachoeira
  • Hotel Recanto Bela Vista
  • Hotel São Luiz
  • Hotel Vacance
  • Hotel Zanon
  • Quartaroli Palace Hotel
  • Vitória Garden Hotel


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