Águilas Blancas

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Águilas Blancas
Aguilas Blancas banner.png
Aguilas Blancas helmet.png
Head coach Jacinto Licea
Home stadium Estadio José Ortega Martínez
Year built 2010
Stadium capacity 3.700
Stadium surface Artificial turf
Location Mexico City, Mexico Mexico
League National Student Organization of American Football (ONEFA)
Conference Central Conference
Claimed national titles 5 (1973, 1981, 1982, 1988, 1992)

Maroon and White

Outfitter CD PRO
Major Rivals Pumas Dorados de la UNAM
Website Águilas Blancas

Águilas Blancas de la ESCA-ESIQIE[1] (English: White Eagles), also known as Politécnico or simply Águilas Blancas, is a Mexican college football team representing the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico City, Mexico. The Águilas Blancas participate in the Central Conference as part of the National Student Organization of American Football (ONEFA). It's one of the most successful college football teams in Mexico having won 5 national championships throughout their history. They maintain a fierce rivalry with teams from the National Autonomous University of Mexico particularly with its Coyoacán based team from Ciudad Universitaria, Pumas Dorados de la UNAM.


Politécnico National Championships

This squad is the heir of the Burros Blancos del IPN that was one of the oldest institution with an ancient American football tradition in Mexico (the other and their main competitor is the Pumas Dorados de la UNAM), the beginning of this squad can be traced to the late 40's.

The modern age started in the sixties and the origin of this squad as we know it now was the mid sixties, with the foundation of the three teams of IPN; the Búhos ESM-ENCB (Owls), Cheyenes ESIME-ESIA (Cheyennes) and Águilas Blancas ESCA (White Eagles).

Águilas Blancas was the best ranked team of the IPN during the first years after the foundation. The first championship came in 1973; later from 1974 to 1980 the squad found a lot of ups and downs; in 1981 came the second championship and in 1982 the third championship.

Due to the critical economical situation in Mexico the IPN authorities decided to join the three teams and then came the foundation of Poli Guinda.

1988 is the year of the fourth championship and this time the relevance was large, because Águilas Blancas (now revived) defeated the Pumas Dorados de la UNAM at the final match.

In 1992 came the fifth and last championship of the team.

From 1998 to 2006; the team has not reached any post season game, the season 2000 was the worst of its history. Today the team is in a renewal process and is one of the mayor candidates to win the champion ship of the new CONCEN Conference (Conferencia del Centro).

National Championships[edit]

Politécnico players acknowledging fans after a game
Águilas Blancas Football National Championships
Year Head Coach
1973 Jacinto Licea Mendoza
1981 Jacinto Licea Mendoza
1982 Jacinto Licea Mendoza
1988 Jacinto Licea Mendoza
1992 Jacinto Licea Mendoza


The team has an historic rivalry with Pumas Dorados de la UNAM, due to both of them being the biggest public universities in the country. More recently, another mayor rivalry arise with Borregos Salvajes Mty, Borregos Salvajes CEM and Aztecas UDLAP.


The team plays at the Estadio José Ortega Martínez[2] (also known as Estadio Valle Bowl) in Naucalpan, State of Mexico. Capacity: 3.700.


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