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Country of origin Finland
Original run 2007 – 2008

Äijät is a Finnish television series. It first aired on Finnish TV in 2007 and last aired in 2008.



  1. Children of Bodom: Are You Dead Yet?
  2. Kalmah: Defeat
  3. Collarbone: The Last Call
  4. Eternal Tears of Sorrow: Sakura No Rei
  5. Ensiferum: Deathbringer from the Sky
  6. Naildown: Silent Fall
  7. Noumena: Misanthropolis
  8. Entwine: My Serenity
  9. Kalmah: The Groan of Wind
  10. Sólstafir: Ljósfari
  11. Finntroll: Nedgång
  12. Twilightning: Vice Jesus
  13. Swallow the Sun: Hope
  14. Amoral: Leave Your Dead Behind
  15. myGRAIN: Pitch-Black
  16. April: Stain
  17. Ensiferum: Ad Victoriam

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