Ælfwald I of Northumbria

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King of Northumbria
Reign 779 – 788 AD
Predecessor Æthelred I
Successor Osred II
Issue Ælf
House Northumbria
Father Oswulf
Died 23 September 788

Ælfwald (died 23 September 788) was king of Northumbria from 779 to 788. He is thought to have been a son of Oswulf, and thus a grandson of Eadberht Eating.

Sceat of Ælfwald I

Ælfwald became king after Æthelred son of Æthelwald Moll was deposed in 778.[1] He was murdered, probably at Chesters, by the patricius (ealdorman) Sicga.

He was succeeded by his first cousin Osred,[2] son of Alhred and Osgifu daughter of Eadberht Eating. Ælfwald's sons Ælf and Ælfwine were killed in 791 on the orders of King Æthelred.

Ælfwald was buried at Hexham Abbey where he was considered a saint.

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