Æther Shanties

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Æther Shanties
Studio album by Abney Park
Released December 1, 2009
Genre Neoclassical Darkwave / Steampunk
Label Abney Park
Abney Park chronology
Dark Christmas
Æther Shanties
The End of Days

Æther Shanties is the 10th album by steampunk band Abney Park.[1] It is subtitled Further Trials and Tribulations of Abney Park. It is also their second steampunk themed album.


According to an interview with Robert the album was 95% done recording when a heatwave hit Seattle, destroying their hard-drive. This event allowed them to add the vocals of their new singer, Jody Ellen, onto the album,[2] but delayed the release of the album for several months.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Under the Radar"   2:58
2. "Building Steam"   4:00
3. "Until the Day You Die"   2:46
4. "My Life"   3:05
5. "Wanderlust"   2:53
6. "Throw Them Overboard"   3:15
7. "The Derelict"   3:17
8. "Victoria"   4:43
9. "Æther Shanty"   2:48
10. "The Clock Yard"   3:26
11. "Too Far To Turn Back"   3:21



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