Çanakkale Suspension Bridge

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Çanakkale Suspension Bridge
Dardanelles landsat.jpg
Satellite image of Dardanelles strait
Official name Çanakkale köprüsü
Carries six lanes of roadway
Crosses Sea of Marmara
Locale Dardanelles, Çanakkale, Turkey
Designer Tekfen Holding[1]
Design Suspension
Total length 3,623 m (11,886 ft)[2]
Longest span 2,023 m (6,637 ft)[3]
Construction begin 2016[4]
Coordinates 40°20′18″N 26°37′58″E / 40.33833°N 26.63278°E / 40.33833; 26.63278Coordinates: 40°20′18″N 26°37′58″E / 40.33833°N 26.63278°E / 40.33833; 26.63278

The Çanakkale Suspension Bridge is a planned suspension bridge located at the western end of the Sea of Marmara, close to Çanakkale and approximately 200 kilometers from Istanbul, Turkey. It will be one of the longest suspension bridges in the world by length of central span. The bridge will be part of the Çanakkale-Tekirdağ-Kınalı-Balıkesir highway project. The construction tender is expected to be given in 2015.[5]


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