École des Mines de Douai

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École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Douai (Mines Douai)
Type École d'ingénieur (EPA)
Religious affiliation Groupe des Écoles des Mines, Institut Mines-Télécom (Mines Télécom Institut of Technology), CGE, CDEFI, Université Lille Nord de France
Budget 35,6 millions d'euros (en 2010)[1]

The École des Mines de Douai also called "École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Douai (Mines Douai)" (ENSMD) is a French National Graduate School of Engineering (Grandes Ecoles d'ingénieurs) located in the city of Douai, close to Lille, North of France.

Founded in 1878, the institute was originally a vocational school providing for the training needs of skilled workers "Maîtres-mineurs" for the coal mining industry. In the 1960s, it awarded its first engineering degree. Today, the Grande École des Mines de Douai trains high-level engineers and scientists (Master and PhD level) in various technological fields. Despite its small size (fewer than 200 students are accepted each year, after a very selective exam), it is a crucial part of the infrastructure of French industry.

Its curricula include:

Together with Écoles des Mines in Nantes, Albi, Alès, Nancy, Saint-Étienne and Paris, the École des Mines de Douai forms the GEM (Groupe des Ecoles des Mines) network. The GEM Institute of Technology brings together 7 prestigious French engineering schools, offering programs that cover the entire range of sciences and technologies that are necessary for the development of industry.

The École des Mines de Douai gives the opportunity to earn a double degree with the following universities :

Other schools of Mines in France[edit]


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