École des Ursulines, Quebec

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Ecole des Ursulines
4, rue du Parloir
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
Principal Serge Goyette
School type Primary
Established 1639
Homepage http://www.ursulinesquebec.com/francais/quebec/

The Ecole des Ursulines, known in English as the School of the Ursulines, is among North America's oldest schools. Still operating as a private girls school, it was founded in 1639 by French nun Marie of the Incarnation and laywoman Marie-Madeline de Chauvigny de la Peltrie. This was also the beginning of the Ursuline order in New France.

The convent has many of its original walls intact and houses a little chapel and a museum. Located in the middle of the historical district of Quebec City, which is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage District. The school has two campuses. In the Quebec City campus, there are more than four hundred girls enrolled from pre-school through primary school (5 to 12 years). There is also a coeducational campus in Loretteville.

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