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Emeraude-Agence Rol.jpeg
Émeraude in Cherbourg harbour, 31 July 1909
Class overview
Name: Émeraude-class
Operators:  French Navy
Built: 1906–1908
In commission: 1908–1919
Completed: 6
Lost: 2
General characteristics [1]
Type: Submarine
Displacement: 392 surfaced
425 submerged
Speed: 11.5 knots (21.3 km/h; 13.2 mph) surfaced
9.2 knots (17.0 km/h; 10.6 mph) submerged
Range: 200 mi (320 km) at 7.3 kn (13.5 km/h; 8.4 mph)
Complement: 21, later increased to 23
Armament: 6 × 450 mm (18 in) torpedo tubes
1 × 37 mm (1 in) deck gun (Topaze and Turquoise only)

The Émeraude class submarines were built for the French Navy before World War I. There were six vessels in the class, built to a Maugas design.

The six boats of the Émeraude class saw action during the First World War.

General characteristics[edit]

The Émeraude class were built as part of the French Navy's 1903 building programme to a Maugas design. They had a single hull, and a displacement of 392 tons surfaced (425 tons submerged). For surface propulsion the Émeraude class had petrol engines, and electric motors for when submerged, giving an surface endurance of 200 miles at 7.3 knots and a submerged endurance of 100 miles at 5 knots, with a maximum surface speed of 11.5 knots, and a submerged speed of 9.2 knots. Their armament was six torpedo tubes (4 forward and 2 aft). Topaze and Turquoise had a single 37mm gun, and were manned by crews of 21 men (later increased to 23 men).



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