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Émile Zuccarelli (born 4 August 1940 in Bastia, Upper Corsica) is a French politician from Corsica. He serves as honorary President of the Radical Party of the Left and mayor of Bastia. Until his defeat in the French legislative election, 2007, he was deputy for Upper Corsica.[1]

In the French regional elections, 2004, Zuccarelli led a PRG list in Corsica and came out on top of all of the left-wing's lists. But the lack of dialog between him and another PRG list, led by his rival Paul Giacobbi, prevented him from winning.

Unlike his own political party, Zuccarelli called for a "NO" vote in the 2005 referendum on the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe.

Political career[edit]

Governmental functions

  • Minister of Public Service, State Reform and Decentralization : 1997–2000.
  • Minister of Posts and Telecommunications : 1992–1993.

Electoral mandates

National Assembly

  • Member of the National Assembly of France for Upper Corsica: 1986–1992 (Became minister in 1992) / 1993–1997 (Became minister in 1997) / 2000–2007. Elected in 1986, reelected in 1988, 1993, 1997, 2000, 2002.

Corsican Territorial Collectivity

  • Member of the Corsican Assembly : 1998–2002 (Resignation) / March–December 2004 (Resignation). Reelected in 2004.

Municipal Council

  • Mayor of Bastia : 1989–1997 (Resignation) / Since 2000.
  • Deputy-mayor of Bastia : 1997–2000.
  • Municipal councillor of Bastia : Since 1989.

Agglomeration community Council

Political function


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