Íme ánthropos ki egó

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Cyprus "Íme ánthropos ki egó"
Eurovision Song Contest 1994 entry
Country Cyprus
Artist(s) Evridiki
Language Greek
Composer(s) Giorgos Theophanous
Lyricist(s) Giorgos Theophanous
Conductor Giorgos Theophanous
Finals performance
Final result 11th
Final points 51
Appearance chronology
◄ "Mi Stamatas" (1993)   
"Sti Fotia" (1995) ►

Íme ánthropos ki egó (Greek script: "Είμαι άνθρωπος κι εγώ", English translation: "I'm Human Too") was the Cypriot entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1994, performed in Greek by Evridiki. This was Evridiki's second Eurovision entry, she had previously represented Cyprus in 1992 with "Teriazoume" which finished in 11th position.

It received 51 points and ranked 11th among 25.

The song is a plea for worldwide peace.

It was succeeded as Cypriot representative at the 1995 Contest by Alexandros Panayi with "Sti Fotia". Evridiki returned to the Contest for a third time in 2007 with "Comme Ci, Comme Ça".