Õ Blésq Blom

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Õ Blésq Blom
Studio album by Titãs
Released 1989
Recorded 1989
Genre Alternative rock, funk rock, world music
Length 34:50
Label WEA
Producer Liminha
Titãs chronology
Jesus não Tem Dentes no País dos Banguelas
Õ Blésq Blom
Tudo Ao Mesmo Tempo Agora
Singles from Õ Blésq Blom
  1. "Flores"
    Released: 1989
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars[1]

Õ Blésq Blom is the fifth studio album released by Brazilian rock band Titãs. The name of the album means "The first men who walked on the Earth" in the language created by Mauro and Quitéria, two repentistas from the state of Pernambuco.[2] The language is a mixture of Portuguese, English, Italian and Greek. Mauro and Quitéria are married and they met Titãs in a beach in Pernambuco.[3] They also composed and performed the opening and ending tracks for this album.

It was elected by Rolling Stone Brasil as the 74th best Brazilian music album of all time.[4]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Lead vocals Length
1. "Introdução por Mauro e Quitéria" (Introduction by Mauro and Quitéria) Mauro e Quitéria Mauro and Quitéria 0:44
2. "Miséria" (Poverty) Arnaldo Antunes, Paulo Miklos, Sérgio Britto Britto and Miklos 4:27
3. "Racio Símio" (A word play with "Raciocínio" (reasoning) and "Símio" (simian)) Antunes, Marcelo Fromer, Nando Reis Reis 3:19
4. "O Camelo e o Dromedário" (The Camel and the Dromedary) Fromer, Reis, Miklos, Tony Bellotto Miklos 5:22
5. "Palavras" (Words) Fromer, Britto Britto 2:33
6. "Medo" (Fear) Antunes, Fromer, Bellotto Antunes 2:06
7. "Natureza Morta" (Lit. "Dead Nature", though the term also refers to still life)) Antunes, Liminha, Branco Mello, Fromer, Miklos, Britto Antunes and Mello 0:19
8. "Flores" (Flowers) Charles Gavin, Miklos, Britto, Bellotto Mello 3:27
9. "O Pulso" (The Pulse) Antunes, Fromer, Bellotto Antunes 2:45
10. "32 Dentes" (32 Teeth) Mello, Fromer, Britto Mello 2:30
11. "Faculdade" (Faculty) Antunes, Mello, Fromer, Reis, Miklos Reis 3:13
12. "Deus e o Diabo" (God and the Devil) Reis, Miklos, Britto Britto and Miklos 3:28
13. "Vinheta Final por Mauro e Quitéria" (Final Jingle by Mauro and Quitéria) Mauro e Quitéria Mauro and Quitéria 0:35