ÖBB Class 4011

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ÖBB Class 4011
ÖBB4011 Schneewalchen.jpg
Class 4011 unit
In service 1999–
Manufacturer Siemens
Family name Venturio
Number built 3 trainsets
Formation 7 cars
Capacity 372
Operator Österreichische Bundesbahnen
Maximum speed Service: 230 km/h (143 mph)
Electric system(s) 15 kV 16 23 Hz AC
Safety system(s) Sifa, PZB90, LZB, Eurobalise
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)

Three Class 411 units from the first batch of 32 originally ordered by Deutsche Bahn have been sold to Austria's ÖBB as class 4011. These units (car numbers 411 x14 to 411 x14) were renumbered in ÖBB's numbering scheme (to car numbers 4011 x90 to 4011 x92). Together with 12 DBAG Class 411, they form a pool for joint operation services from Germany to Austria.

For operation in Austria, all of these trains were modified, including LED matrix headlights like on the second batch class 411 trains, some software updates and clamps for ski transportation.

On the outside, the most prominent distinguishing mark of the ÖBB class 4011 are the ÖBB logos replacing the DB ones in the gaps of the red stripe along the sides. For both the ÖBB class 4011 and the 12 DB class 411 fitted for operation in Austria, the logo of the other company is displayed in grey below the company's own logo.