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Industry Automotive industry
Founded 1976
Founder Kenth Öhlin
Headquarters Upplands Väsby, Sweden
Products Suspension components
Website www.ohlins.com

Öhlins or Öhlins Racing AB, is a manufacturer of high-performance suspension systems for automotive, motorcycle, snowmobile, and ATV use. It is based in Upplands Väsby just north of Stockholm, Sweden. The company also produces other types of motorcycle components, including steering dampers and a two-wheel drive system.[1]

Öhlins Rear Monoshock

The company was founded by Kenth Öhlin in 1976.[2] In 1987, Yamaha Motor Company became the majority-owner of Öhlins Racing AB, with Öhlins continuing to operate as an independent company within the business group.[3] In December 2007, Öhlins reclaimed a 95% share of the company back from Yamaha.[4]

There are six design departments at Öhlins, with a total of more than 50 engineers, each specializing in a particular field.[5] Öhlins research center in Jönköping, Sweden (with over 20 employees in 2013) is responsible for the development of the Öhlins Continuously controlled Electronic Suspension (CES) system.[6] [7]

Zenvo ST1[edit]

The Zenvo ST1 super-car features three-way adjustable dampers by Öhlins.[8]

SEAT Cupra GT[edit]

The SEAT Cupra GT race car features coil shock absorbers by Öhlins.[9]

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