Örebro HK

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Örebro HK
Örebro HK logo.svg
City Örebro, Sweden
League Swedish Hockey League
Founded 1990
Home arena Behrn Arena
Colors White, red
General manager Pontus Gustafsson
Head coach Kent Johansson
Franchise history
1990–2005 HC Örebro 90
2005–present Örebro HK

Örebro HK is a Swedish ice hockey club located in Örebro. The team is currently playing in the Swedish Hockey League (SHL; formerly Elitserien), the top tier of Swedish ice hockey, since the 2013–14 season. The team's home arena is Behrn Arena, which seats 5,200 spectators.


The club was formed in 1990 as HC Örebro 90. While Örebro IK (ÖIK) existed, HC Örebro 90's goal was to make sure that ice hockey players who didn't get a spot in Örebro IK could still play ice hockey in Örebro.[1] Following ÖIK's bankruptcy in 1999, several ÖIK players moved to HC Örebro 90; one player, Henrik Löwdahl, currently plays for the team (and has done so since ÖIK's bankruptcy). The club changed its name to Örebro HK in 2005.

The team promoted to the second-tier league Allsvenskan (now HockeyAllsvenskan) in the 2000–01 season, but were relegated to Division 1 in the 2003–04 season. The team would spend five seasons in Division 1 after the relegation. The team reached the Kvalserien qualification for HockeyAllsvenskan in the 2008–09 season and successfully promoted back to HockeyAllsvenskan, ending first in the Kvalserien qualification. The team ended tenth in the 2009–10 HockeyAllsvenskan season and thus missed the playoffs. In the 2010–11 season they improved significantly, finishing third in the standings and thus reaching the 2011 Kvalserien qualification for the top-tier league Elitserien/SHL. The team ended fifth in the qualification and thus failed to promote to Elitserien that year.[2] Two years later, in the 2013 Kvalserien, the team finally managed to promote to the SHL. The team will make their SHL debut in the 2013–14 season. It will be their first SHL season in club history and the first SHL season with a team from Örebro since 1978–79.


Season Level Division Record Avg.
Position W-T-L
This is a partial list, featuring the five most recent seasons. For a more complete list, see List of Örebro HK seasons.
2008–09 Tier 3 Division 1E 1st 21–3–3 505
Allettan South 2nd 8–4–2 1,241 Qualified for final playoff round
Playoff to Allsvenskan qual. 2–0 2,539 Won 2–0 in games vs Enköpings SK HK (4–1, 5–1)
HockeyAllsvenskan qualifier 1st 6–3–1 2,613 Increase Promoted to HockeyAllsvenskan
2009–10 Tier 2 HockeyAllsvenskan 10th 13–16–23 1,549
2010–11 Tier 2 HockeyAllsvenskan 3rd 26–12–14 2,163
2011 Elitserien qualifier 5th 2–2–6 2,849
2011–12 Tier 2 HockeyAllsvenskan 1st 32–4–16 2,445
2012 Elitserien qualifier 5th 3–1–6 3,381
2012–13 Tier 2 HockeyAllsvenskan 6th 26–7–19 3,618
Playoff to Elitserien qual. 1st 4–1–1 4,073
2013 Elitserien qualifier 1st 6–2–2–0 4,832 Increase Promoted to Elitserien (later renamed SHL)
2013–14 Tier 1 SHL 11th 13-5-12-25 5,027
2014–15 Tier 1 SHL TBD TBD TBD


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