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S-train and DSB station
Østerport Station 2005-04.jpg
Location 8 Oslo Plads, Copenhagen
Coordinates 55°41′32″N 12°35′15″E / 55.69222°N 12.58750°E / 55.69222; 12.58750Coordinates: 55°41′32″N 12°35′15″E / 55.69222°N 12.58750°E / 55.69222; 12.58750
Owned by DSB
Platforms 3 island platforms
Tracks 6 service + storage
Opened 2 August 1897
Rebuilt 15 May 1934 (S-train)
Electrified 1934 (S-train), 1986 (Mainline)
Preceding station   S-train   Following station
H Terminus
toward Klampenborg
Bx Terminus
toward Holte
toward Køge
toward Hillerød
toward Farum
Preceding station   Danske Statsbaner   Following station
toward Helsingør
Coast Line
toward Malmö C
toward Helsingør
toward Roskilde
Terminus Copenhagen-Roskilde
toward Odense
Copenhagen-Nykøbing F/Rødby/Gedser
toward Kalundborg

Østerport Station (Danish: Østerport station) is a railway station and S-train station serving Østerbro in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is served by most S-trains, the Coast Line and other regional trains, as well as some InterCity trains.

The station is used by approximately 30,000 passengers each day. By 2018, the service will include the Copenhagen Metro as well (future lines M3 and M4).


The station was designed by Heinrich Wenck and built in 1897, and originally named the East Station (Østbanegaarden). The original station building has survived to the present date, and was restored in the 1980s.

It was originally the terminus for the Coast Line, but when the station was connected with Nørreport Station via the Boulevard Line in 1917, the terminus moved to Copenhagen Central Station. In 1934, the station started serving S-trains.

When completed in 2018, the Copenhagen Metro lines M3 and M4 on the City Circle Line will serve the station. Plans are to place the Metro station on Oslo Plads between Kristianiagade and Østbanegade with the staircase towards Østerport station. A subway between the Metro platforms to the main station building will allow passengers easy interchange to and from S-trains, InterCity, and regional services.[1]

A DSB regional train at Østerport station


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