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Slovene: Čičarija, Italian: Cicceria, German: Tschitschen Boden
Cicarija Istria.JPG
Ćićarija seen from Gračišće
Elevation 1,272 m (4,173 ft)
Ćićarija is located in Croatia
Location of Ćićarija in Croatia (on the border with Slovenia)
Location Croatia-Slovenia border in Istria
Coordinates 45°21′38″N 14°11′31″E / 45.36056°N 14.19194°E / 45.36056; 14.19194Coordinates: 45°21′38″N 14°11′31″E / 45.36056°N 14.19194°E / 45.36056; 14.19194

Ćićarija (Slovene: Čičarija, Italian: Cicceria, German: Tschitschen Boden), also known as the Mountains of the Vein[citation needed] is a mountainous plateau in the northern and north-eastern part of Istria peninsula, 45 km long and 10–15 km wide. It mostly lies in Croatia, while its northern part lies in Slovenia. The highest peak is Veliki Planik at 1,272 m.a.s.l.[1]

At 7 inhabitants per square kilometer (2001), Ćićarija is sparsely populated, due to its karst landscape, poor economic development and rough climate.


The name Ćićarija is derived from the South Slavic term Čić, which refers to Istrians living north of the Učka Mountains, originally referring to the Istro-Romanians of the area.[2][3] The ethnonym is believed to derive from the Istro-Romanian word ce 'what', which is a semantic basis for other regional ethnonyms (cf. Kajkavian, Chakavian, etc.).[2]



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