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Ďáblova lest (The Devil's Ruse) is a Czech crime movie. The movie was shot in Benedictine monastery of Saint Václav in Broumov, the Church of Saint Margaret in Podlažice and City Museum, Chrast by Chrudim.


Detective Sumara of Police Department investigates a case of a girl that was found smeared by snake's blood. The girl studied archeology and took part in excavations in Podlažice's monastery. She had the number 666 painted on her forehead and a snake on her body. The police enlist the help of Doctor Runa, a specialist in Ocultism. The story involves a Satanist cult and the Codex Gigas.



  • Podlažice's abbey is allude at 1159 in first time. The abbey expired in spring, 1421 when Hussites going in Eastern Bohemia.
  • The film can watch in archive of Czech Television: [1]

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