Ōme Line

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     Ōme Line
Type Heavy rail
Locale Tokyo
Termini Tachikawa
Stations 25
Opening 1894
Owner JR East
Operator(s) JR East, JR Freight
Line length 37.2 km (23.1 mi)
Track gauge 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Electrification 1,500 V DC overhead catenary
Route map
JR Ome Line linemap.svg

The Ōme Line (青梅線 Ōme-sen?) is a railway line operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East) in western Tokyo, Japan. It links Tachikawa and the Chūō Line with the town of Okutama. Many Chūō Line trains operate via the Ōme Line to Ōme Station, providing non-stop service to Tokyo Station.


Services on the Ōme Line are formed of E233 series trains. Trains from Tachikawa to Ōme typically operate as a 10-car trains (sometimes 4- and 6-car trains coupled together). At Ōme, trains uncouple, with the 4-car set going in the direction of Oku-Tama, and the 6-car set heading back to Tachikawa.

The Ōme Line, at times, runs along the Chūō Rapid, Itsukaichi, and Hachikō lines. Supplemental trains during the peak season may also run along the Nambu Line. Trains that operate only on the Ōme Line have a "Ōme-Itsukaichi Line" sticker on the front.

At present there is only one Tachikawa-bound rapid train, which runs once every weekday morning. Local trains still stop at these stations.

Shinjuku-bound Holiday Rapid Okutama (E233 series EMU) at Ōme Station

Holiday Rapid Okutama and Holiday Rapid Akigawa services run on weekends from Shinjuku (and sometimes from Chiba; some Shinjuku-bound services are extended to Tokyo). They are paired together until they reach Haijima. The Okutama stops at Tachikawa, Nishi-Tachikawa, Haijima, Fussa, Ōme, Mitake, and Okutama; the Akigawa splits off from the Ōme Line at Haijima and runs on the Itsukaichi Line tracks to Musashi-Itsukaichi, stopping at every station.


The private Ōme Electric Railway established a railway line between Tachikawa and Ōme in 1894, extending it to Mitake in 1929. It was nationalized on April 1, 1944; the Okutama Electric Railway between Mitake and Hikawa (now Okutama) was under construction when it was purchased three months later. Both were merged to create the present-day Ōme Line and opened on the same day.

Station list[edit]

  • All stations are located in Tokyo.
  • Local, rapid, and special rapid trains stop at all stations.
  • Trains can pass one another at stations marked "∥", "◇", "∨", and "∧". They cannot pass at stations marked "|".
Station Japanese Distance (km) Ōme Liner Transfers   Location
Tachikawa 立川 - 0.0 Chūō Main Line, Nambu Line
Tama Toshi Monorail Line (Tachikawa-Kita, Tachikawa-Minami)
Nishi-Tachikawa 西立川 1.9 1.9  
Higashi-Nakagami 東中神 0.8 2.7   Akishima
Nakagami 中神 0.9 3.6  
Akishima 昭島 1.4 5.0  
Haijima 拝島 1.9 6.9 Itsukaichi Line, Hachikō Line
Seibu Haijima Line
Ushihama 牛浜 1.7 8.6   Fussa
Fussa 福生 1.0 9.6  
Hamura 羽村 2.1 11.7   Hamura
Ozaku 小作 2.4 14.1  
Kabe 河辺 1.8 15.9   Ōme
Higashi-Ōme 東青梅 1.3 17.2  
Ōme 青梅 1.3 18.5  
Miyanohira 宮ノ平 2.1 20.6    
Hinatawada 日向和田 0.8 21.4    
Ishigamimae 石神前 1.0 22.4    
Futamatao 二俣尾 1.2 23.6    
Ikusabata 軍畑 0.9 24.5    
Sawai 沢井 1.4 25.9    
Mitake 御嶽 1.3 27.2   Mitake Tozan Railway: Cable car (Takimoto via bus)
Kawai 川井 2.8 30.0     Okutama, Nishitama District
Kori 古里 1.6 31.6    
Hatonosu 鳩ノ巣 2.2 33.8    
Shiromaru 白丸 1.4 35.2    
Okutama 奥多摩 2.0 37.2    


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