Řežabinec a Řežabinecké tůně

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Coordinates: 49°15′10″N 14°5′31″E / 49.25278°N 14.09194°E / 49.25278; 14.09194
Řežabinec a Řežabinecké tůně
National Nature Reserve
National nature reserve Rezabinec a Rezabinecke tune in 2011 (5).JPG
Řežabinec pond
Country Czech Republic
Region South Bohemia
Elevation 378 m (0 ft)
Coordinates 49°15′10″N 14°5′31″E / 49.25278°N 14.09194°E / 49.25278; 14.09194
Area 110.667 ha (273.5 acres)
Biome littoral vegetation and pond
Founded 19 November 1949
Management AOPK ČR
 - location Kestřany
Location of the Řežabinec and Řežabinecké túně national nature reserve
Location of the Řežabinec and Řežabinecké túně national nature reserve
Wikimedia Commons: Řežabinec

Řežabinec a Řežabinecké tůně (Řežabinec and Ponds of Řežabinec) is a national nature reserve situated among the villages of Kestřany, Ražice and Putim in Písek District in the Czech Republic. The area is protected due to the presence of valuable littoral ecosystems. This environment provides habitat suitable for many species of birds, who use this area for breeding, and other animal species. The protected area includes Řežabinecké pond itself, along with adjacent pools caused by the flooding of old medieval mining holes, and a significant archaeological site on neighboring Pikárna hill, where there was extensive human settlement in the Paleolithic and Mesolithic.[1]

The pond was constructed in a former river bed of the Otava River, and a wetland developed. Construction started in 1530 at the instigation of the Lord of Zvíkov Castle, Kryštof ze Švamberku.[2] Gradually the water area became overgrown with littoral vegetation consisting mainly of reeds, and this valuable vegetation covered approximately 40% of the Řežabinec area.[2] However excessive fish production, mostly in the 1970s and 1980s, resulted in damage to the protected area and extinction of many species.[3] Nowadays reed coverage has declined to approximately 15% of the Řežabinec pond area.[2] As of 2011, the pond is state-owned and managed by Agentura pro ochranu krajiny ČR, which seeks to restore species diversity and minimize negative human impact.[1]


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