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Kashmir Sharada MS.jpg
Kashmiri Shaivaite manuscript (17th or 18th century)
Type Abugida
Languages Sanskrit, Kashmiri
Time period
c. 800 CE–present (almost extinct)
Parent systems
Child systems
Sister systems
ISO 15924 Shrd, 319
Direction Left-to-right
Unicode alias
[a] The Semitic origin of the Brahmic scripts is not universally agreed upon.

The Śāradā, or Sharada, script (शारदा) is an abugida writing system of the Brahmic family of scripts, developed around the 8th century. It was used for writing Sanskrit and Kashmiri. The Gurmukhī script was developed from Śāradā. Originally more widespread, its use became later restricted to Kashmir, and it is now rarely used except by the Kashmiri Pandit community for ceremonial purposes. Śāradā is another name for Saraswati, the goddess of learning.



Sharada a.svg a अ Sharada i.svg i इ Sharada u.svg u उ Sharada ri.svg Sharada li.svg Sharada e.svg e ए Sharada o.svg o ओ
Sharada aa.svg ā आ Sharada ii.svg ī ई Sharada uu.svg ū ऊ Sharada rii.svg Sharada ai.svg ai ऐ Sharada au.svg au औ
Sharada am.svg aṃ अं Sharada ah.svg aḥ अः


Sharada k.svg k क Sharada kh.svg kh ख Sharada g.svg g ग Sharada gh.svg gh घ Sharada ng.svg
Sharada c.svg c च Sharada ch.svg ch छ Sharada j.svg j ज Sharada jh.svg jh झ Sharada ny.svg ñ ञ
Sharada tt.svg Sharada tth.svg ṭh Sharada dd.svg Sharada ddh.svg ḍh Sharada nn.svg
Sharada t.svg t त Sharada th.svg th थ Sharada d.svg d द Sharada dh.svg dh ध Sharada n.svg n न
Sharada p.svg p प Sharada ph.svg ph फ Sharada b.svg b ब Sharada bh.svg bh भ Sharada m.svg m म
Sharada y.svg y य Sharada r.svg r र Sharada l.svg l ल Sharada v.svg v व
Sharada sh.svg ś श Sharada ss.svg Sharada s.svg s स Sharada h.svg h ह


Śāradā script was added to the Unicode Standard in January, 2012 with the release of version 6.1.


The Unicode block for Śāradā script, called Sharada, is U+11180–U+111DF. Grey areas indicate non-assigned code points:

Unicode.org chart (PDF)
  0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
U+1118x 𑆀 𑆁 𑆂 𑆃 𑆄 𑆅 𑆆 𑆇 𑆈 𑆉 𑆊 𑆋 𑆌 𑆍 𑆎 𑆏
U+1119x 𑆐 𑆑 𑆒 𑆓 𑆔 𑆕 𑆖 𑆗 𑆘 𑆙 𑆚 𑆛 𑆜 𑆝 𑆞 𑆟
U+111Ax 𑆠 𑆡 𑆢 𑆣 𑆤 𑆥 𑆦 𑆧 𑆨 𑆩 𑆪 𑆫 𑆬 𑆭 𑆮 𑆯
U+111Bx 𑆰 𑆱 𑆲 𑆳 𑆴 𑆵 𑆶 𑆷 𑆸 𑆹 𑆺 𑆻 𑆼 𑆽 𑆾 𑆿
U+111Cx 𑇀 𑇁  𑇂   𑇃  𑇄 𑇅 𑇆 𑇇 𑇈
U+111Dx 𑇐 𑇑 𑇒 𑇓 𑇔 𑇕 𑇖 𑇗 𑇘 𑇙
1.^ As of Unicode version 6.3

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