Şalvar Davası

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Şalvar Davası
Directed by Kartal Tibet
Written by Basar Sabuncu
Starring Müjde Ar and Şener Şen
Music by Atilla Özdemiroğlu
Release dates November 1983
Running time 90 minutes
Country Turkey
Language Turkish

Şalvar Davası (English: The Case of the Baggy Pants) is a 1983 Turkish film directed by Kartal Tibet and starring Müjde Ar and Şener Şen.[1] The film, a loose adaptation of the ancient Greek play Lysistrata by Aristophanes, was the first starring role for Şen.



Elif returns to her native village after her husband dies. When she comes back, she finds that nothing has changed. The village men still make their wives work hard while they sit in the cafes and gossip. Elif inspires the women to fight back against this unfair treatment, and they vow not to have sex with their husbands until they start working. Meanwhile, Elif clashes with her old flame Ömer Aga.


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