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Şchei (Bulgarian: шкеи, shkei) was an old Romanian exonym referring to the Bulgarians, especially in Transylvania and northern Wallachia. As a name, it has been preserved in the names of towns once colonized by Bulgarians, in toponyms (Dealu Schiaului near Rășinari), hydronyms (Schiau River, tributary to the Argeş River), surnames (Schiau, Şchiau).[1] The word is thought to derive from Latin sclavis, a popular designation for the South Slavs (Bulgarians and Serbs in particular) that was also used in Albanian (in the form shqa and various dialectal variants[2]) until the 20th century.[3]

Şchei villages in Transylvania[edit]

Among the towns or neighbourhoods bearing that trace of Bulgarian settlement are:[1]

Other villages in Transylvania that used to be inhabited by various waves of Bulgarians were Cergău Mare, Bungard, Sibiu, Vințu de Jos, Deva, Rusciori, Sibiu, Râşnov.[4]

Şchei villages in Wallachia[edit]


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