Şehzade Mehmed

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Şehzade Mehmed
Spouse Esmehan Baharnaz Sultan
Issue Hümaşah Sultan
House House of Osman
Father Suleiman the Magnificent
Mother Hürrem Sultan
Born c.1521
Ottoman Empire
Died 1543 (aged c. 22)
Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
Religion Islam

Şehzade Mehmed (1521–1543) was the first son of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and Hürrem Sultan. He was assigned to rule in Manisa after his brother Şehzade Mustafa was sent to Amasya from there.


Historians say that Şehzade Mehmed was very much like his older half-brother, Şehzade Mustafa. He looked up to him as his role model, and had a good relationship with him since their childhood. Şehzade Mehmed participated in his father's successful Esztergom campaign (Siege of Esztergom).

There are different opinions about Mehmed's death. According to some historians, he died from smallpox. According to another opinion, he died a natural death. According to yet others, he was murdered under the command of Mahidevran Sultan, who saw him as a huge threat to become Sultan after his father ahead of her son Mustafa.

After his son's death, Suleiman the Magnificent had the famed imperial architect Mimar Sinan build the Şehzade Mosque in Istanbul to commemorate Mehmed.

Mehmed's only child was Hümaşah Sultan, born to his wife, Esmehan Baharnaz Sultan.

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