Štěpánka Hilgertová

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Štěpánka Hilgertová
Medal record
Women's canoe slalom
Competitor for  Czechoslovakia
World Championships
Silver 1991 Tacen K-1 team
Bronze 1989 Savage River K-1 team
Competitor for  Czech Republic
Olympic Games
Gold 1996 Atlanta K-1
Gold 2000 Sydney K-1
World Championships
Gold 1999 La Seu d'Urgell K-1
Gold 2003 Augsburg K-1
Gold 2003 Augsburg K-1 team
Gold 2005 Penrith K-1 team
Gold 2010 Tacen K-1 team
Gold 2013 Prague K-1 team
Silver 1997 Três Coroas K-1
Silver 2006 Prague K-1 team
Silver 2007 Foz do Iguaçu K-1 team
Silver 2011 Bratislava K-1 team
Bronze 2007 Foz do Iguaçu K-1
European Championships
Gold 1996 Augsburg K-1 team
Gold 1998 Roudnice nad Labem K-1 team
Gold 2000 Mezzana K-1
Gold 2002 Bratislava K-1 team
Gold 2008 Kraków K-1
Gold 2011 La Seu d'Urgell K-1 team
Gold 2014 Vienna K-1 team
Silver 1996 Augsburg K-1
Silver 1998 Roudnice nad Labem K-1
Silver 2000 Mezzana K-1 team
Silver 2005 Tacen K-1
Silver 2006 L'Argentière-la-Bessée K-1 team
Bronze 2002 Bratislava K-1
Bronze 2007 Liptovský Mikuláš K-1
Bronze 2013 Krakow K-1 team

Štěpánka Hilgertová (Czech pronunciation: [ˈʃcɛpaːŋka ˈɦɪlɡɛrtovaː]) (née Prošková, born 10 April 1968 in Prague) is a Czechoslovak-Czech slalom canoer who has competed since the late 1980s. Competing in six Summer Olympics, she won two gold medals in the K-1 event, earning them in 1996 and 2000.

Hilgertová also won thirteen medals at the ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships with six golds (K-1: 1999, 2003; K-1 team: 2003, 2005, 2010, 2013), five silvers (K-1: 1997, K-1 team: 1991, 2006, 2007, 2011), and two bronzes (K-1: 2007, K-1 team: 1989). The K-1 team silver in 1991 and K-1 team bronze in 1989 were with Czechoslovakia while the remaining medals were for the Czech Republic.

She won the overall World Cup title twice (1992 and 1998). She also won a total of 15 medals at the European Championships (7 golds, 5 silvers and 3 bronzes).

Her husband Luboš Hilgert is a former canoe slalom paddler and a multiple medalist from ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships. Their son Luboš is an active canoe slalom paddler as well.