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Štefan Žáry (December 12, 1918, Poniky – August 25, 2007, Bratislava) was a Slovak poet, prosaist, translator and essayist; author of erotic lyric poetry, patriotic and anti-war poems, reminiscential prose. In his patriotic poems, he expressed his disappointment of a civilization progress. He translated mainly French literature.

His works was initially related with surrealism, later he referred to folk and classical traditions. Notable works includes collection of poems Srdcia na mozaike (1938), Meč a vavrin (1948), Smaragdové rúno (1977), Malá letná suita v štyroch vetách (1995), parodies of Slovak folk songs Satironikon (1990), novel Ktorýsi deň z konca leta (1998).