Šumarice Memorial Park

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"Broken wing" monument in Šumarice Memorial Park
The monument of pain and defiance on a stamp of East Germany, 1967

Šumarice Memorial Park (Serbian Cyrillic: Меморијални парк Шумарице) is the site near Kragujevac, Serbia of the execution of an estimated 7,000 men and boys of the town by the German occupation forces on October 21, 1941, during World War II. According to Cohen, "All males from the town between the ages of sixteen and sixty were assembled and the victims -- including high school students -- were selected from among them."[1]

There are several monuments in the park: the monument to the murdered schoolchildren and their teachers (the "Broken Flight" monument), the "Monument of pain and defiance", the "One hundred for one" monument, the "Resistance and Freedom" monument, and the monument to shoe cleaners, are some of the best=known.

The Museum of Genocide is located at the site of the massacre.

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