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One of Żabka's nationwide network of convenience stores, here in the 19th-century quarter of Wrocław. "Żabka" means "small frog" in English

Żabka Polska (Polish pronunciation: [ˈʐapka]) is a chain of convenience stores in Poland.[1] There are more than 2,400 stores across Poland. Some Żabka stores are located in the Czech Republic.[2] The retail turnover was about EUR 650[citation needed] million in 2010.

In 2007 Żabka was acquired by Penta Investment.[citation needed] In December 2010 Penta sold the Czech operations of Żabka and Koruna subsidiary to UK retail giant Tesco plc.[3] The transaction was closed in April 2011. In February 2012 Penta signed an agreement to sell the remaining Polish operations Żabka Polska, including the Freshmarket store format, to Mid Europa Partners.[2]

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