Željeznica (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

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In Željeznica valley

The Željeznica is a river in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The river Željeznica rises at the foot of the Treskavica Mountain, in the beautiful and attractive forest ambiance, has a number of rapids and whirlpools. There, on Željeznica River, upstream from Turovi Village, is a beautiful and rare natural phenomenon, the kettles on Željeznica. Kazani is the most attractive place in the Canyon. This is the place where the River, over centuries of strong running and carrying material, has scooped round hollows, kettles, that observers get the impression water boils in. The kettles are about half to one meter deep and 0,30 to 0,70 cm wide in radius, and they are frequent in the riverbed. This rare natural phenomenon is a very beautiful tourist attraction.[1]

The Željeznica river is one of the chief geographic features of the western Sarajevo polje. It flows through the municipalities Trnovo (RS) and Istočna Ilidža from south and eventually meets up with the Bosna river near Sarajevo.

The Željeznica river is the western boundary of Jahorina mountain. The archaeological site of Butmir is located on the right bank of the Željeznica river, relatively close to the source of the river Bosna. The terrace next to the Željeznica river was well suited to late Neolithic settlement.[2]


Coordinates: 43°38′18″N 18°23′28″E / 43.6383°N 18.3911°E / 43.6383; 18.3911