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Žumberačka Gora/Gorjanci
The highest ridge with Sveta gera/Trdinov vrh from Pangrč Grm in Slovenia.
Elevation 1,178 m (3,865 ft)
Žumberačka Gora/Gorjanci is located in Croatia
Žumberačka Gora/Gorjanci
Žumberačka Gora/Gorjanci
Sveta Gera/Trdinov vrh
Location Croatia, Slovenia
Range Dinaric Alps
Coordinates 45°45′37″N 15°19′15″E / 45.76028°N 15.32083°E / 45.76028; 15.32083Coordinates: 45°45′37″N 15°19′15″E / 45.76028°N 15.32083°E / 45.76028; 15.32083

Žumberačka gora, in short Žumberak (Croatian), Gorjanci (Slovene) or Uskokengebirge (historic German name) is a range of mountains or hills between Croatia and Slovenia. The highest peak is Sveta Gera (Trdinov vrh) on the border between Croatia and Slovenia, being 1,181 m (3,875 ft) tall (in some publications 1,178 m (3,865 ft)).[1][2]

Near the peak,[3] there is a 90 meter high telecommunications tower of the Radio-Television Slovenia.[4]

Since 1999, a nature park (Park prirode) Žumberak - Samoborsko gorje covers the area of the mountain on the Croatian side.[5]

History of the region[edit]

The isolated region on Croatian side has always had a low population. In 1530, the immigration of Uskoks started, which lasted until the 17th century, which brought a large population of Štokavian speakers to the region. Žumberak was then part of Austrian Military Frontier, created by the Habsburgs to serve as a defensive buffer between their empire and the Ottoman Empire. Žumberak itself was an enclave within Banovina and did not directly border the Ottoman Empire. The mountain is called Uskokengebirge or Sichelberg in German.[6]

The region is today the intersection of all three Croatian dialects. The descendants of Uskoks who are Štokavian speakers are the majority in Žumberak. Today there are more Greek Catholic churches in Žumberak than Latin Catholic churches (approx. 2 to 1).

Žumberak is the site of the Jazovka pit, location of a World War II massacre of retreating Croatian soldiers and civilians by the communist Partisans.

Military facility

A military complex near the top of Trdinov vrh, created by the Yugoslav People's Army, has been a subject of a dispute between the two new countries since the 1990s. Escalation was prevented due to amicable diplomacy.

The population of about 3,000 people (on the Croatian side) consists mainly of the elderly.


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