'80s Robot

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'80s Robot
The Muppets character
First appearance The Muppets
Created by Jason Segel
Nicholas Stoller
Portrayed by Matt Vogel
Species Muppet Robot
Gender Male

'80s Robot is a Muppet character that debuted in the 2011 film The Muppets.


He lives in Kermit's mansion, working as a valet or manservant to Kermit the Frog after the breakup of the Muppets. '80s Robot also functions as a chauffeur, and uses his databanks and search engine to locate the Muppet troupe. As his name implies, the character resembles the many robots who dominated the toy, novelty, and pop culture landscape in the 1980s. He uses slang from the era, and offers such beverages as Tab and New Coke. '80s Robot is said to bear an uncanny resemblance to Omnibot 2000, a robot toy made by Tomy in the 1980s.[1]


'80s Robot was designed and built by Legacy Effects.



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