(44594) 1999 OX3

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(44594) 1999 OX3
(44594) 1999 OX3.tiff
Orbit diagram (top view, 1999 OX3 in blue)
Discovery[1] and designation
Discovered by Mauna Kea
Discovery date 21 July 1999
MPC designation (44594) 1999 OX3
Minor planet category TNO[2]
centaur (DES)[3]
Orbital characteristics[2]
Epoch 2008-11-30 (2454800.5)
Aphelion 47.169 AU (Q)
Perihelion 17.644 AU (q)
(near Uranus)
32.407 AU (a)
(near Neptune)
Eccentricity 0.4555
184.49 yr
330.47° (M)
Inclination 2.62°
Physical characteristics
Dimensions 192 km[4]
0.09 (assumed)

(44594) 1999 OX3 is a trans-Neptunian object with a centaur-like orbit.


Neptune has a semi-major axis of 30 AU and (44594) 1999 OX3 has a semi-major axis of 32 AU. The Minor Planet Center (MPC) does not classify this object as a centaur because the MPC defines centaurs as having a semi-major axis of less than 30.066 AU. (44594) 1999 OX3 crosses the orbits of both Neptune and Uranus and has an inclination of only 2.62°. The Deep Ecliptic Survey (DES) defines centaurs using a dynamical classification scheme, based on the behavior of orbital integrations over 10 million years. The DES defines centaurs as nonresonant objects whose osculating perihelia are less than the osculating semimajor axis of Neptune at any time during the integration. Using the dynamical definition of a centaur, (44594) 1999 OX3 is a centaur.[3]


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