(65407) 2002 RP120

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(65407) 2002 RP120
Discovered by Brian A. Skiff/LONEOS
Discovery date September 4, 2002
Minor planet category Damocloid asteroid,
Scattered disk object
Orbital characteristics[1]
Epoch April 10, 2007 (JD 2454200.5)
Aphelion 106.71 AU (16366.658 Gm) (Q)
Perihelion 2.466 AU
(369.948 Gm) (q)
54.590 AU
(8368.303 Gm) (a)
Eccentricity 0.9548
403.35 a (147,324.96 d)
3.98 km/s
Inclination 119.10°
Physical characteristics
Dimensions 14.6 km[1]
Mass 3.1×1015 kg
200 h (8.33 d)[1]
Albedo 0.098[1]
Temperature ~37 K

(65407) 2002 RP120 (also written (65407) 2002 RP120) holds the distinction of being the most eccentric of the numbered asteroids (as of July 2004). It is also a member of the very exclusive group of retrograde asteroids, which has only two numbered members (the other one is 20461 Dioretsa). Its classification is uncertain, as it is at once a Damocloid (a highly eccentric, highly inclined object likely to be an extinct comet) and a scattered-disc object (a trans-Neptunian object with a very eccentric orbit, probably ejected from the ecliptic by Neptune).


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