(7474) 1992 TC

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(7474) 1992 TC
Discovery and designation
Discovered by McNaught, R. H.
Discovery site Siding Spring
Discovery date October 1, 1992
MPC designation 7474
1992 TC
Orbital characteristics
1992 TC orbital diagram.jpg
Aphelion 2.023111642510545
Perihelion 1.107915050542907
Eccentricity .2922991982144734
Inclination 7.087940650181295
Physical characteristics
Dimensions 670–1500 meters[1]

7474 (1992 TC) is a moderate sized M-type asteroid discovered by Robert H. McNaught in 1992. It is notably one of a few similar M-type asteroids, including the named asteroids 4660 Nereus and 65803 Didymos, which can be reached easily by spacecraft from Earth. The delta-V required to reach 7474 (1992 TC) would be about 5.6 kilometres per second (3.5 mi/s),[3] which is less than is needed to reach the moon. M-type asteroids are thought to be composed primarily of nickel and iron, which if proven to be true means that 7474 (1992 TC) may one day become an important source of raw materials in space.

With an absolute magnitude of 18.0,[2] the asteroid is about 670–1500 meters in diameter.[1] On 2031-Aug-11 the asteroid will pass 0.085 AU (12,700,000 km; 7,900,000 mi) from Mars.[2]


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