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Introduced 2011
TLD type Internationalised (Cyrillic) country code top-level domain
Status Active
Registry RNIDS
Sponsor RNIDS
Intended use Entities connected with  Serbia
Actual use Mainly in Serbia
Registration restrictions Intended for Cyrillic domain names; no policy is defined.
Documents (not available)
Dispute policies (not available)
DNS name xn--90a3ac
Website рнидс.срб

.срб (romanized as .srb) is the Internationalised (Cyrillic) Internet country code top-level domain (IDN ccTLD) for Serbia. It has been active since May 3, 2011.[1]

The Serbian National Register of Internet Domain Names (RNIDS) has initiated on its forum (www.forum.rnids.rs) a public discussion on the Proposal of rules and processes for registering the Cyrillic domain “.срб”.

The Proposal of rules and processes for registering the Cyrillic domain “.срб” is available on the forum of RNIDS. It regulates the registration of the sub-domain.срб” and the reservation of other domains for the needs of RNIDS, the reservation of the “.срб” domain for the needs of the state, the reservation of the “.срб” domain based on the current .rs domain names and the allocation of the unique code to each and every reserved “.срб” domain.

The Rule book also determines the period for assigning the “.срб” domain according to the priority right, after which the period of free registration of the “.срб” domain will commence, based on the same or similar rules now applicable for the .rs domain.

The process of registering the Cyrillic domain “.срб” had been expected to commence in the second half of 2011, but is postponed and it was started on 27 January 2012, due to some technical issues considering the documentation.

.срб” has, in many fonts, a very similar appearance to the Latin alphanumeric .cp6, which is not registered as a TLD. Similarly proposed TLDs .бг (for Bulgaria) and .ελ (for the Greece) have been rejected or stalled because of this problem, but “.срб” has not. The general policy for internationalized TLDs is to require at least one of the letters in a TLD to not resemble a Latin letter; 6 is a numeric digit (not a Latin letter) and is not used in any TLDs. Furthermore, though б appears similar to a 6 in most Cyrillic alphabets, it does not in Serbian, where it more closely resembles Greek lowercase delta (δ), see the relevant section in the article on the letter б.

Because there is no letter W in the Cyrillic script, "њњњ" is sometimes used as a substitute for "www" if such a prefix is desired. For example, the website of the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation can be accessed through њњњ.ртс.срб. Њњњ was chosen because on Serbian Cyrillic keyboards, the letter Њ is on the key that is used for W on QWERTY keyboards. More often, though, no prefix is used at all.

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