...I Care Because You Do

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…I Care Because You Do
Studio album by Aphex Twin
Released 24 April 1995
Recorded 1990, 1993-1994
Genre Acid techno, ambient techno, IDM
Length 63:49
Label Warp
Sire/Elektra Records
61790 (rest of world)
Producer Richard D. James
Aphex Twin chronology
…I Care Because You Do
Donkey Rhubarb
Singles from …I Care Because You Do
  1. "Ventolin"
    Released: 27 March 1995
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 4/5 stars[1]
Entertainment Weekly A−[2]
Q 4/5 stars[3]
Rolling Stone 4/5 stars[4]
Stylus Magazine favourable[5]
Spin 8/10 stars[6]
adriandenning.co.uk 8/10 stars[7]

...I Care Because You Do is the third studio album by English electronic musician Richard D. James under the alias Aphex Twin, released on 24 April 1995. The album diverges from his previous acid house, ambient, and general techno pursuits. It features lengthy drum machine loops layered with analogue synthesizers, with occasional string pieces. This album marks the end of James' first analogue era, his next decade of albums being composed on computers until Analord.


The album was preceded by two remix EPs of "Ventolin", one of the harshest tracks on the album, which features a high-pitched frequency that mimics one of the more prominent symptoms of tinnitus. The track "Ventolin (Video Version)" on this album is an edit of "Ventolin (Salbutamol Mix)" on the EP.

The four song EP Donkey Rhubarb features an orchestral version of "Icct Hedral" arranged by Philip Glass.

Only one promotional music video was made for any of the tracks. The "Ventolin" video features footage of spinning vents, a woman trapped in an elevator, and a salbutamol dispenser.

It is speculated[by whom?] that the tracks "At the Heart of It All" and "The Beauty of Being Numb", created by James for the Nine Inch Nails remix EP Further Down the Spiral, were created during the recording sessions for this album, as both songs sound similar to James' style at the time as was released around the same time.

"cow cud is a twin" features Apple Computer's PlainTalk speaking and repeating the words "Aphex Twin" and "...I care because you do" in the background of the left channel. The song uses three of the program's distinctive voices: Bells, Hysterical and Bubbles, the last of which is barely audible without isolating the left channel.

The front cover artwork of the album is, according to the liner notes, James' self-portrait. The bar code is part of the cover artwork.

The album was included in Q Magazine's top 20 list of the loudest albums of all time.

In the song "Come On You Slags!" the various voice clips are dialogue of the character Fantasia in the pornographic film "Seka's Fantasies". Samples from the same actress and perhaps the same film are featured on the Caustic Window (another Aphex Twin alias) EPs Joyrex J9i and Joyrex J9ii.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks by Richard D. James.

On the back cover of the album each track is listed in James' own handwriting, accompanied by the year it was originally recorded, with capitalization as follows:

No. Title Original Recording Date Length
1. "Acrid Avid Jam Shred"   1994 7:38
2. "The Waxen Pith"   1993 4:50
3. "Wax The Nip"   1990 4:19
4. "Icct Hedral (edit)"   1994 6:07
5. "Ventolin (Video Version)"   1994 4:29
6. "Come On You Slags!"   1990 5:45
7. "Start As You Mean To Go On"   1993 6:05
8. "Wet Tip Hen Ax"   1994 5:17
9. "Mookid"   1994 3:51
10. "Alberto Balsalm"   1994 5:11
11. "Cow Cud Is A Twin"   1994 5:34
12. "Next Heap With"   1993 4:43

Song titles[edit]

Several of the song titles are anagrams:

  • of Aphex Twin: "Wax the nip"
  • of The Aphex Twin: "The Waxen pith", "next heap with"
  • of Te [sic] Aphex Twin: "Wet tip hen ax"
  • of Richard David James: "Acrid Avid Jam Shred"
  • of Caustic Window: "cow cud is a twin"

James used the same anagram technique a few months later on his Hangable Auto Bulb EPs.

Ventolin and Alberto Balsam (without the 'l' in the track title) are registered trademarks of an asthma medicine and a British line of hair care products, respectively.


Aphex Twin - synthesizers, organ, sampling, drum machine, music technology, drum kit, percussion, production, cover art


Chart (1995) Peak
UK Albums Chart 24[8]


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