.com for Murder

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.com for Murder
Com for murder dvd cover.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Nico Mastorakis
Produced by Nico Mastroakis
Written by Nico Mastroakis
Phil Marr
Starring Nastassja Kinski
Nicollette Sheridan
Roger Daltrey
Huey Lewis
Music by Ross Levinson
Cinematography Andreas Bellis
Edited by George Rosenberg
Omega Entertainment
Running time
96 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $5 million

.com for Murder is a 2001 science fiction crime drama film written by Nico Mastorakis and Phill Marr and directed by Mastorakis, starring Nastassja Kinski, Nicollette Sheridan, Roger Daltrey, and Huey Lewis. After being screened at various film festivals, it was released direct-to-video on 14 January 2003.


Ben is a successful and rich architect, living in Los Angeles. Sondra is his beloved wife, who broke a leg while skiing. As Ben is leaving town for his work, Sondra accesses his intelligent house computer Hal, and discovers that Ben has been chatting on "American Love Online". She chats with one of his friends Lynn, and they agree to meet that night. Hacker Werther rudely joins the conversation and later shuts out Sondra/Ben, and starts chatting in her name. Sondra is meanwhile joined by her sister Misty, who came to look after her. Later that night Werther kills Lynn in her house, showing online live feed of the murder to Sondra and Misty. Werther is shown to be a psychopath who loves to quote from The Sorrows of Young Werther by Goethe and calls his victims by the name Lotte (the object of the affections of Werther in that novel).

Sondra and Misty call the police and eventually speak with FBI agent Matheson. When they send him the file of the murder, it appears to be encrypted. On the advice of agent Matheson, Sondra and Misty invite a computer expert to decrypt the file. As the computer expert arrives at the door, Werther calls them, pretending to be the computer expert. Sondra and Misty, who believe the real computer expert to be Werther, send him away. A short while later, Werther shows up at the house, pretending to be the real computer expert. After he finishes the decrypting job and leaves the house, Misty walks after him to inform him that the gate is jammed. Werther suddenly turns towards her and cuts her left wrist slightly, just enough to keep her living for another 20 minutes, all the while viewed by Sondra from the computer. Werther then turns to enter the house and kill Sondra, but Sondra manages to lock the main entrance in time to prevent this. Werther then tries to open the pool door, but is electrocuted with 22,000 volts by Hal.

Sondra bandages Misty's wrist and tries to restore power to the house. Werther turns out not to be dead and in the mean time takes Misty. Carrying a Passive Light Amplifier that amplifies light 60,000 times he is stunned by lightning and falls off the second floor, coming to his death. Agent Matheson, his assistant Agent Williams and the police finally arrive at the scene, after electronic disinformation by Werther had previously sent them to the other end of town.


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